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We are beginning to see the future base of our economic structure unfold before us. The dawn of a new era is about to emerge and change the ways to which we have all become accustomed. Are you ready? Is your business ready? The information highway is bursting with this new reality, and the living rooms of homes throughout America are being introduced to it. What is it? It's the web, and you need to be on it now.

The increasing traffic on the web is sure to encompass all of us in the near future and the present is the perfect time to climb aboard. The web is not new. People have been working on it for years. It is now we are beginning to see it become an everyday thing. It is no longer special; it is normal and you are expected to be there. Soon cable TV and Internet services will merge giving us interactive television. This will be a great economic opportunity for those who take advantage of it.

Do you have the passion to be on the web?

You will find in many offices someone who can create documents with professionalism and quality. You would think all these great documents could add up to one great site, but a problem is starting to arise, when these same people are called upon to build the company web site, the HTML code seems to elude many of them. The way the office document is being created is changing right along with everything else the computer touches.

The documents of today must be flexible, they must bend and stretch themselves to fit onto any screen, any computer, any television, any format. The static documents of the past are soon to be outdated.

The key, the format of a web site must look good in many sizes and styles. Unlike the static documents of the past, which appear the same to everyone who views them, your site will look and interact different to many people.

This has become apparent to me. That is why I have dedicated much of my time to learning the Internet. To many developers web design means open a program and let it do the writing, quickly throwing together pages. This will give you a web site, but to what level of quality? It may be cheaper, but what is the true cost to your business?

Your web site will be the first impression of you to many of your clients.

There are many people who love to devour and digest the skills which go into development, putting out a product with impact and style. This is the group I strive to be a part of.

Web sites must fit within all the normal ranges of viewing dimensions and I am always trying to meet this goal.

What am I offering? an open door to the Internet. I will lead you and your business to your own Internet domain. I am dedicatedto helping people like you become a part of this great resource.

What will I do for you? I offer complete web site design and set up along with your own domain name. Bookmark this page and go shopping. Ask other services what they offer, then look at what I can give you.

The reason I am offering my services, I love to work on Internet sites.

Vincent Leverenz 727.595-1388 fax 727.593.2017
The information contained on these pages is © copyright 1999-2002

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At the heart of many changes we are seeing today, is the Internet. Millions of users are signing on! I want to be part of this opportunity! You need to be part of it!

To contact, please use the telephone and call (727) 595-1388. If you must, leave a message. I am located in Florida in the Eastern Time Zone.

My packages are overstuffed with plenty of content and style guaranteed to satisfy any budget. All prices on a one on one basis.

Today we find ourselves in a quick changing environment with fast pace development. Many of our daily tasks are now being completed with our fingertips. So use yours now!

I will be happy to return any call.