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Like a river... time flows...
This is one way to think of time. People observe nature and apply thoughts to create a systematic scale we know as time. Time is something we can all agree on . . . but can we? It is proven that everybody observes their surroundings in their own way and everybody sees things differently. It is amazing the things we have accomplished on this earth with everyone seeing their own way. All I know, the brain is one hell of a powerful computer and I am glad I have one to assist me with this life.
Well, you already know my name...
I am Vincent Leverenz and welcome to my web page. You may be here looking for credentials and information or you may have found me through my big mouth. This is here because I like creativity and knowledge . . . and I like having a tiny-tiny little tv station of my own. I have always had interest in design, to see what I can pull out of my hat. I like to jump. I believe and picture my goals to form a path to them.
A good mission statement...
As we all noticed, many of the movies that are made today contain a self-destructive formula built right into them. If you were to make a movie would you like to damn your own project, of course not? Why is it then we have to hear the term "God D · · ·" so often? I am not saying not to swear, I understand the need if we are to parallel life in our productions. However, the term "God D · · ·" needs to be heard less because our movies will be our documented history and our actions our destiny. Personally, I would like to see the term fade away. Are you with me?
The physical characteristics...
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Height: 5'11" Weight: 160# Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
The people & The physical...
The people in our life come first over anything else. Without others to enhance our life, what would we do, and what would we learn. Sometimes I just love to sit around for hours and adsorb what others think and share my ideas with them. Farther down the latter of existence comes the physical. The world of matter is where we just happen to be placed, and I think that we need to respect this realm before we can grasp far more spiritual areas of life. My physical world now contains all that I need and a little more. I have steadily built it over this systematic scale we know as time. Staying focused is important and though change is good we all need stability too.
Education is energy...
Energy is power. My schooling in the eyes of society ended in my third year of collage. I followed an engineer's path, taking all curriculum needed. I think I did well throughout this period of life. Than I learned it is better to work with others, instead of working for others. This plus moving to Florida kind of bumped me out of school and to the path of education I am currently on. Technical training was very good to me. One of the best lessons I learned, which keeps me learning to this day, is dissection. Getting to the guts of a program and learning the little secrets that astound us is very satisfying. I think the art of examination and logic can go a long way in solving problems we come across in our day to day hustle. If only more people could take time to stop and smell the flowers and put thought, which happens to be very powerful, more up-front within their mind.
Your life is what you choose it to be...
From one extreme to another we will always travel picking up whatever comes along the way. Be careful on which road you walk because if you must pick up what comes along, make sure that it is of the best quality you can acquire. One thing for sure, everything is changing and I always hope for the better. There is no way my life can remain the same. Your life is also changing and it is changing now. As you look around and read whatever it is you find, it will change you. No matter how big or how small, everything has an impact, if you notice it or not.

You know me a little better now...
Stress = Dying
Zero = Infinity
Creation = Love
Love = God
Time = Now
Space = Emptyness
One = All
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