Hidden to Reveal 3212

Vincent Leverenz

In no way is the corporation Compu-Serve represented here.


"Tell me about it!"

The particle beam generator jerked end sputtered while dragging along in warp II. Yes, the ship needs repair now. After the battle we just went through. I am surprised she is still holding together. She always has been faithful though. I should have known she would make it. Too bad I cannot say the same for the Poly-Plex life station we picked out of orbit in sector J-1-11. This is the price you sometimes pay if you try to grab something that is not yours. That was sure one hell or a security ship that tried to dock us. But at least we got away.

It all started an olson ago. Compu-Serve Inc., the biggest corporation galaxy wide, was falling behind in the race to fully construct the first artificial solar system with an artificial sun. Compu-Serve has invested more then twenty million endows toward the completion of the project. They were ahead of all the other major corporations by olsons, until Poly-Plex made a breakthrough. This breakthrough, called centron relapse, has put Poly-Plex twenty olsons ahead of Compu-Serve and it will also jeopardize the millions of endows invested by Compu-Serve for the research of power-hold technology.

The major problem is that Poly-Plex has completed a small scale solar system in sector J-1-11. Our mission, to steal components that build up Poly-Plex's centron relapse system and to sabotage the systems they built. This is essential if Compu--Serve is to build an artificial sun with a relapse system.

Jeff and I have been following orders from Compu-Serve for nine elaxes now. There are no troubles to report until now, that is. If Poly-Plex happens to obtain our status through micro cell build up scanning, Compu-Serve's plans could be exposed. How did we get caught? This is the question that keeps bothering me.

Chasing us for twenty-five million kilometers did not seem to bother the think-group or the president of Compu-Serve very much. They had the race, not two idiots, on their minds.

Two idiots dumb enough to steal secret plans and prototypes for only one thousand endows a quarter olson. It seems that all they're ever out for, is themselves. Got to make it first, Got to make it cheaper, Got to make it compatible is all the think--group ever says. "It don't matter how you get it, just get it!" This is another favorite.

I have been spying for corporations for olsons now, and I find that they're all the same. Greed runs deep in the most successful corporations. The greed is like a war that nobody recognizes.


"I want to hear about why you are here!"

"The hijack was a failure; the security ship saw us and tried to magnetically dock us." I told Mr. Greenfield, the president of Compu-serve. His face twisted as he tried to speak. "How did security find you? You were given the schedules for all security and commuter flights. Where did you go wrong?"

"Where did I go wrong? It was your records that were incorrect." Mr. Greenfield's green eyes turned red. "Call in Mr. Grant!" Greenfield demanded. Mr. Grant was in charge of all written documents concerning flight information.

While waiting for Mr. Grant, I informed Greenfield about the destroyed life station and schematics for the centron relapse system. The Magnetism and emission projection standards of Poly-Plex were also destroyed.

A moment later, Mr. Grant walked in. His face had a smile big enough to light the whole office. "What can I do for you, Mr. Greenfield." Grant said. At that moment an enforcement officer entered and grabbed Mr. Grant. "You are spying for Poly-Plex, you bastard!" rushed out of the mouth of the angry president. "Who sent you? Is this why we are falling in technology ratings? What is it you are trying to steal from us now? Speak, I want to hear you talk?" The reason Greenfield blew up was that Mr. Grant has been working with Compu-serve for olsons now. Grant just looked and said nothing. Then the security officer took him away.

"I have been suspicious of the bastard for elaxes now," said Mr. Greenfield quietly.

It is not too hard to get a secret if you want one. All you do is get a job at the place with the secret. You must also have a clean record, which is something I can not say about Mr. Grant. The Mind-scan brain wave detector will see to that.


I want to know why!

I can still remember when I was seventeen. I just got my first ship. It was a Powerpull 4000 with a centrex combustion system. This is not much I agree, but with this ship I decided that spying would be my specialty. I flew to Cypress, the planet just beyond Orion. This is where my girlfriend at the time, lived. When I arrived at her house, I drifted by her window in my new ship. She was with Mark Magon from the inter-planetary race team. From the looks of things, Mark seemed to be in first place. This crushed me; however, the incident introduced me to the fantastic world of spying.

To follow my new round goal, I began to study Hypno-synk education center. I took courses in government, police science, and engineering. To these courses I added my own special course, sneakiness. It took almost an elax to complete my education. Hypno-synk was a slow process at the time.

When finished, I looked into the various types of agencies that needed my type of expertise. My first job was with a small company that wanted plans for the dimensionless chip. Why they needed the plans was beyond me, but I got them. After that day, my career boomed. The cash I made, even then, was plenty. I was on asteroid nine, floating in the cash flow. I did not even know the dangers of the job.

It is true that becoming a corporation spy is very hard, but it is worth it. Furthermore, it is fun. One draw-back to the job of spying is the danger. One should expect to come face to face with danger one out of every five jobs. All you have to do is look at my ship to see that. If you have a fancy for spying, take into account the danger, for danger will…BANG!