Here are a few tips of importance.

Always keep up your hair's tolerance. There is nothing better than a good rinse. If you let it go dry, the ends will fly. In the sun, it will bake and fry, and to the ends you will say good-bye without proper moisture to fortify.

Never ever blow-dry! It will make your hair go awry! Just dry it fast, the damage will last. Is speed the only reason why?

If you are lightening your hair, you better be aware. It is not very good care. It may look good now, and your thought may be wow, but it's not very good care. These products are rough, believe you can buy that stuff? They tear up your hair and send you a bluff. Promise you the world and all that nice fluff, They will make her more beautiful and him more buff. Truth is, they strip your hair to the core and in the end it will look no more, like it did once before.

If you want effects that are nice, without paying too much a price. Try temporary color, it's less of a sacrifice.

We always want what we don't got. You hear this stuff a lot. "I wish my hair were that hot!" Sometimes sounding like a tot. "I want their hair a lot!" Be happy with what's on top! Why be what you are not?


I surly felt I had it made, when I learned to put my hair in a braid. This style soon became my "fav." Now I don't have to be a slave. With my hair I don't need a maid, so through my locks she can wade. Now, nobody must be paid, not to look like I came from a cave.

The beauty of this will never fade. I will never use a blade. The time I spent learning was an awesome trade. Even letting it out gives you a great wave. The foundation of it must be firmly laid, this skill all long hairs should crave.

Do you want hair care that's made in the shade?

There is a norm for us to follow; shall you follow it? For if you do, society will embrace you. If bucking is for you, than prepare to be one of the few.

Why is it that people are so crazy about hair? Hair is not special, and you see it everywhere. But still it holds itself in our hearts with all of its glory, enchanting our souls, you know the story. To me, hair is something wonderful to behold. I enjoy it on everyone, young or old. So, if you care to read on you will find my thoughts on hair, I have in my mind.

Well, I guess I always had it in this one, I can recall things I did when I was young. Nothing too odd, I was just having fun. I was alive and always on the run. My hair was displayed in obvious ways, even though it was short in those days. I just had a special feeling when engaged with hair. There must be more to this, I swear! So I thought to myself as I sat in a chair. I thought about history and put myself there. I saw many great people with long flowing hair. Even the Indians hold their hair dear. After some time I became aware. It helps connect us to our universe, why else is it there?

With this in mind, I decided to let it grow. It was tough early on, and hard not to show. But I also had a great feeling, and this I did know. People wanted me to stop and just let it go. Telling me of the opportunities I was going to blow. Telling me they were going to hack it off with a hoe. Then past my shoulders, it started to flow.

Than lots of people began to say, you must cut it off, you can't wear it that way! You must look the part you are going to play. Do you want people to listen to what you say? Hey, do you want them to think that you're gay? Wouldn't you like to earn a lot more pay? To give into their oppression would make me feel gray. I hope I never have to see that day.

It is a great feeling having long hair. If I cut it off, I would feel bare. There is great pleasure when it's blowing in air. I feel free; a strong connection is there. Like clothing, it is something I choose to wear. And yes, there are many that just don't care, but the ones that do I find everywhere.

Following the "laws" is what most people do. They cut their hair short to follow the rule. They have the crops harvested, make it grow anew. Think about it and you will know that it's true, a depleted crop is what they get when through. Repeating this process again and again, the garden called hair never sees the end. The wonderful farm they will spend, just so with others they can blend. Is this the way to treat a loyal friend, watching fall to the ground, with no hand to lend?

Here is something I used to do. It worked for me and maybe it will work for you.

If you read this section you may say this guy is crazy, better put him away. To some of you this strange idea might not be O.K. I know it demonstrates the power when you prey. I guess I will tell you any way.

I visualized growth on the top of my head. I felt the energy flow and from atop it fled. I pushed my hair out mentally. Yes, that is what I said! It is something to do while lying in bed. Sometimes I pushed so hard, my face got red. I kept on doing it till my desire was fed.

I know this may sound silly and a little untrue. I don't suggest you push so hard, your face turns blue. Take the time to think of all the things we do. If you put your mind to it, you would be amazed when through.

I know because my hairdresser asked me if I used glue, to attach the hair of others to complete my hairdo. She asked, when the first stage of growth was through. She even said that the growth was cool. Then she told me a lot of woman would drool.

Soon I had everyone that worked at the salon, poking through my hair with the look of alarm. I can't believe the show that they put on. Giving me all that attention and all of that charm. While they ran their fingers through my new farm.

When I decided to grow it out long, I did not want to do it wrong.

I wanted hair with lots of appeal. I wanted it soft to the feel. I did not want too much of a deal. Most of all, I wanted it real. So, I watched what I ate for a meal and looked for products that had a good seal.

At first I found my hair a little thick. The thought of brushing it made me sick. I had to learn the little trick, or say good-bye to all of it. I had to find the magic cream to make my hair like a dream. I looked forever; at least it seemed. Then finally, my problem had weaned.

The product that first worked for me, was Paul Mitchell Detangler my knots were free. My hair was like a flowing sea, as the brush glided through miraculously. Another product that helped my knots bail, was Straight Arrow's Mane and Tail. These products helped my hair without fail. Lots of time you can find them on sale. Finally something newer to me, I needed more vitamins, this I could see. I wondered where they could be, and I found them in Fantasia's HIGH POTENCY Inter Cellular Leave-in Moisturizer Treatment.

The most important thing I have found was not to let hair fall to the ground. The brush will tear your hair without sound, only to fill the drain with a mound. Much less hair will be around to fill your very own glorious crown. Take time and lots of care, when you pull that brush through your hair. More of it will be there, while it is all being moved by the air.

If you want long hair like mine, just don't worry and read this rhyme.

If you keep in mind, it's going to take time. You will slowly find, hair ages like whine.

Sooo.....Leave your stress behind.

Listen to your own heart. It tells you the truth. If it says grow it, than let it go aloof! Not time to start? Turn into art, what is there without a care and you'll be one who's smart.

If you want your hair to grow, here a few things you should know. Do not trim for show, let it grow, let it flow. Think of how you want it, do you want it low? Always give it a trim, and never a mow. If it is acting up, kind of like a foe, just pull it up in back and throw it in a bow. Treat it with respect because you really ought to know. Your chances with long hair, you really don't want to blow.