I believe the shape above will be important, concerning our future technology.

I believe this guy knew more than we think he knew.
I believe we have unlimited power. I believe that we have the technology to harness energy from other sources than the ones we are currently using. I believe that the only reason that we are burning oil for energy is monetary. I believe that we do not need electric wires to feed power to our homes because Tesla invented a way to transmit energy through the air in the late 1800's. I believe that the only reason that there are electric wires all around us is monetary. I believe that we do not need to burn gas to make our cars run. I believe that the only reason we burn gas is monetary. I believe that if we changed our current system for power, oil companies would be in for a change. I believe that if we researched ways to convert to newer systems of power we could slowly convert without disrupting our economic system.
  I believe that there are other ways to fly other than on wings and propellers. I believe there are other sources of flight. I believe that we could fly on fields of energy created by heavy gyroscopes. I believe that time and space can be manipulated. I believe that it is possible to jump (warp) from one place to another here on earth and out in space. I believe that it is possible to control large machines with nothing but our aura (or by electric impulses from within our bodies). I believe that time and space dose not exist and that that it is just our understanding of the universe. I believe that there must be life somewhere other than the Earth. I believe that at one time there were civilizations more advanced than us living here on Earth. I believe these civilizations also been to the Moon and Mars. I believe that many scientists lost their lives because of their discoveries. I believe that if the world stopped spinning time would stop. I believe that the Earth is just an electron spinning around a nucleus of an atom.

I believe that there are such things as ghosts. I believe that there many dimensions we do not understand yet. I believe that when you think you may see somebody standing there, but their not, you are seeing through time or dimension without understanding. I believe the Indians were right and if we lived by their terms the world would be a better place. I believe that we can communicate without speaking. I believe that our minds send out waves much like radio and others can receive these waves. I believe that if we developed them, we could have many powers that we do not use today. I believe that money is the root of all evil. I believe we cannot own anything except for our short stay here on Earth. I believe that everything is created from love and that love is the driving force for all the energy we see around us. I believe that all we are is energy and not matter. I believe that Einstein proved this with his equations. I believe:

I believe the only time there is, is now . I believe all things are happening now I believe everything is in the same place. I believe we should not be in a race. I believe what you find around you, you can find within you.

I believe we are all connected in some sort of way. I believe miracles happen all the time. I believe there is no such thing as coincidence. I believe the universe, when mapped out, will look something like the background of this page. I believe that when traveling through space (flying not warping) the stars do not move like they do on Star Trek. I believe the stars would look more like they were standing still. I believe we are just beginning to learn about the big picture. I believe we should not fight over religion. I believe nobody is better than anybody else. I believe Nostradomis used energy fields created by copper wires submerged within salt water and powered by batterys to see his visions. I believe he should be a tool, for us to use. I believe the future is happening now. I believe the past is also happening now. I believe we can make our own choices.

I believe that the universe makes up God.

I believe we are in for a big surprise.