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"This thing was actually silent, except you could hear it as it cut through the wind. It was also very large, this I could tell because it was so close, as it hovered 1000 feet above."

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It was late one August evening, two of my friends and I decided to go out on the roof to catch a nice breeze and relax. While outside, we kicked back and popped our first beer. "This is great, where else can you enjoy yourself just by going out a window" my friend said. I agreed, while relaxing under the evening sky. "Hey, check out the stars, you can really see them tonight" said my other friend. "Check out the plane over there" I said pointing to a 747 jet liner. It was indeed a great night, just sitting on the roof, the days problems seemed to melt away into the sky as we sat there looking at planes and stars.

These beautiful summer nights are the best, I thought to myself as we sat there. That's when this plane coming out of the west caught my eye. "There's an interesting looking plane" I said while pointing at the sky, "It's different than the others." I didn't think anything about it. It did not seem unusual to me, until my friend said "yea, there is something different about it. It's not making any noise." Our night changed from that point on. As it flew overhead, this thing was actually silent. You could hear as it cut through the wind, but that was all. It was also very large, this I could tell because it was so close, as it hovered 1000 feet above. Slowly it drifted by, confusing us all.

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How I wish I had a camera, I thought, on that night. To catch pictures of that thing flying by would have been great. But, that was not the case. No camera! No pictures! Just three souls that could not decide what it was. I remember when I was asked, "What do you think it is, a spaceship?" But, the fact is, nobody could be sure. We were stumped.

A spaceship would not fly so low and show-off, would it? Why the big green flashlight? How I wish I had a flashlight, maybe I could of signaled that thing. Is it a spaceship? Than I thought, chances are, probably not. But if it wasn't a spaceship, what could it be? We don't have planes that hover, quietly, seeming to break our laws of physics? Do we? I'll never be sure. But there is one thing I am sure of, we did see something that night.

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The only regret I have is that there is no photographic evidence. We never expected to see anything like that anyway. Nonetheless, it bugged me so much that I quickly drew pictures of what we saw. When I showed them to my friend, he agreed that "the plane" did look similar. The funny thing was he never wanted to talk about it. He would get angry every time I brought it up, soon I dropped it.

As time passed, I realized, my good friend was not as good of a friend any more. He seemed to be more distant and I did not see him as much. When I encountered him after the sighting and confronted him about it, he was very defensive. This made me wonder how this effected him. As for his girlfriend, the other person who witnessed the craft with us, I rarely ever see her. But, to this day I believe we saw something of great value together.

This compelled me to do something crazy. I decided to make the next best thing to a video. I animated the event myself. What the hell, this would prove the same thing as a video anyway...nothing. But at least I could get it out of my mind and on paper. The little clip can be seen on the screen by Eyewhitness account ocouring August, 1988. It moved in from Gulf of Mexico and was seen over Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, heading East in a slow, steady, and quiet manner. This is a copy of the animation I drew. I put it here because I wanted you to see it.

I will never be able to say what it was, but I could speculate. I have a couple of ideas I entertain myself with. One, it really was a spaceship piloted by aliens. How probable is that! Or two, It could be some sort of experimental craft, maybe the next generation of aircraft. Could this be a secret military plane? No! if it was, why would I be able to see it so easily? The government wouldn't fly something so important over a populated area for everybody to see...would they?

As I recall, a few years later, I was thinking of that night. I sat wondering about this event, as I did so many times in the past. This time I decided to add logic to my thinking. If this was a plane of some kind, how does it work? Here is my best guess. This thing must have some sort of weighted, gyroscopic flywheels that propel and hold this thing in the air. It seemed as though this craft could float in one place without falling, such as a helicopter does. Logically, the shape of this thing and a helicopter are similar, but this thing dwarfed a helicopter in comparison.

Set up like a helicopter, with a large propeller on top set horizontally to keep it in the air and a small propeller set off to the rear for control, I think there are gyroscopic flywheels set aboard this craft in a horizontal manor, three up front for lift and movement and one in the back for control. Why three in the front? Simply look at a triangle, a perfect shape for the distribution of energy, all three points would be able to thrust "an energy" outward while still maintaining a stable environment. With three sperate fields working together, I think, a slight adjustment of any of the fields would have an effect on the whole, giving you an ability for some sort of control. If there were only one up front, it would seem to me that you would not be able to manipulate this environment very easily. Now, with that said, add a counterbalance for more control. If you place an outside force at a good leveraging point and attach it to this triangle, I feel you could manipulate the triangle to rotate right or left, such as a helicopter.

This diagram shows how I think the gyroscopic flywheels are placed and how It looks. Now, let's add a few years to the development of such a craft. This is what I think a more modern version of the craft would look like. I sat and thought one day, what if you removed the counterbalance from the rear and placed it in the center of the triangle, wouldn't this have the same effect of the counterbalance except it would come out of the center instead of from the side? I am not really sure, but I think the effects would be similar.

Here is the funny thing. After I thought about this and drew this picture I have meet up to twenty people who have seen the latter. I could not believe it! people have seen what I drew from my own logic! This makes the whole thing even more amazing! Now, think about this. I am not a scientist, but imagine what shape this craft would take on if you were able to shrink the components down to a smaller size, which seems to be a norm in our society. Do you see a circular craft? Sound familiar?

What ever it may be, all I know is that this thing exists. Wether it is man made or of extraterritorial origin, only time will tell. Until then, all we got is our own imagination, the stories of others, and the beliefs of our own mind's spell.